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Spa Treatments | Tulum

A collection of the best Therapists and Healers are gathered in Tulum every year to find their home in this Wellness Paradise. Healing Hands and Holistic Practitioners are here to offer you differentiated Spa Services that will soothe your mind, body & soul, leaving you with a powerful lasting sense of Well-being.

Casa Malca Spa: This historic place includes an underground swimming pool, a steam room and a chance to unwind with massages with an unparalleled beach view.

Yäan’s Healing Sanctuary at BeTulum: This holy sanctuary built in a tree offers a Water Circuit which includes sauna, steam room, marble hammam room, and indoor and outdoor massage pools. Your healing water experience will prepare you to receive fully the benefits of each therapy, among the most Exclusive Mexican therapies as Chakra Balancing, Sobada Maya and Limpia Santiguada.

Delek: A selection of massages and spa treatments with natural oils and products, which are effective for relieving muscular soreness, restoring energy flow, and facilitating the balance between your body and spirit are found in Delek Spa.

Sanara Spa: A whole vision of harnessing the power of nature, coupled with your own innate healing capabilities to support your vitality is uncovered in this World- Class Wellness Center. Here you will find a wide variety of Immune Boosts, Holistic Treatments and Beauty Rituals along with Verdic & Mayan Astrology Reading.

Azulik Spa: Discover a unique Four Elements Cleanse with the clay of the region that represents the earth: we absorb its minerals and properties that allow us to root; the sacred resin of the copal represents the fire that lights our vitality; the air, in the form of the roar of the jaguar and the song of the eagle, will enhance our senses. Finally, water will purify any negative residue. Then take a look at a wide section of Chakra Harmonization, Energy Cleanse and other Rituals to rejuvenate your body.

*LK Concierge team is at your entire disposal to assist you in organizing your wellness retreats in Tulum's heaven. Get in touch with us via e-mail at or via Whatsapp at +30 6989768291

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