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Solymar | Mykonos

Situated at the lemony sandy beach of Kalo Livadi where the illuminating for the balmy sun turquoise waters will definitely steal your breath away… Solymar is one of the favorite all-day beach resorts of the habitués returning every year searching for sunny mellow days.

The laid-back vibe of the Kalo Livadi blending with the Luxury touch of the excellent services Solymar provides. As always the smiling staff and the singers & saxophone live tunes that will consist the soundtrack of your sunbathing moments will accompany your freshly prepared, creative Mediterranean meals. Plenty of colorful flowers brighten the sandy minimal bamboo design and spicy up the neutral shades of the wild scenic. 

In Solymar you will satisfy your thirst for shopping in a small boutique with handpicked summer kaftans of haute couture to trendy swimwear, swimming dresses, and beach bags. You will find also a variety of special sun tanning brands to light evening clothes and classy accessories,  as such Panama hats designed and crafted by the hand of a famous Greek designer.

The Large and wind-protected bay of Kalo Livadi is the best thought if you are approached by your yacht. So no wonder why Solymar is fully prepared with a private pier and their own tender with captain service for your easy access on and off your yacht to the shore. Yet the list doesn’t end here… book your massage on the beach the day before or even on-the-spot and relax with all your senses! We believe anyway that the best decisions are mostly spur of the moment! 

Opening Hours: 10 am-8 pm 

*LK Concierge team is at your entire disposal to assist you as the venue highly recommends the prior booking for your best service, please contact us at or (+30) 2103314151


 Luxury Key Recommends

While enjoying relaxing on the signature turquoise daybeds arranged near the water's edge, you can taste in your bikini the freshly made sushi rolls, give a try to our favorite Signature “Solymar Rolls” with spicy mayo tempura and toppings of Kobe beef! Take a step to the restaurant and for the MeatLovers, we suggest trying the perfectly Sliced dry-aged beef with coriander chimichurri. If the sea has your taste buds craving seafood, try as a starter the Fin de Clair oysters prepared with honey vinegar, shallots, seaweeds, and fresh parsley. Then the Chilean seabass sauteed with peanuts, birds eye chili, onions, and jalapenos peppers accompanied with a magnum bottle of Greek Rose wine! 

Your Outfit: Islandic Casual- Party Beachwear- Eat-in-your-bikini-appropriate! 

Luxury Key IKE

Kifisias 299
Kifisia, 14561

Tel(+30) 698 829 7589

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