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Papaya Playa Project | Tulum beach


We know the pictures tell most of the story, but this one’s worth reading carefully. Papaya Playa Project isn’t just another slightly rustic, reasonably green Tulum boutique hotel. This place goes all the way.

Papaya Playa is a communal playground for the creative community that allows one to reconnect to nature with an urban spirit

Papaya Playa’s Restaurants and Beach Club is the social heart of the project, serving local cuisine with musical accompaniment.

COCODRILO RESTAURANT: The new restaurant at Papaya Playa Project is located at Cocodrilo Beach and it offers a menu based on native delicacies influenced by Mayan traditions, thus creating unmissable dishes and drinks. Contemplating the beauty of the Caribbean Sea. Opening from 10 am to 6 pm.

PPP RESTAURANT: Located next to the club the bar and the ocean, multilevel semi-amphitheater with private seating enclaves with the infinity view of the Caribbean ocean;  with two spacious oceanfront palapas; a 360° wooden tower rising above the property offering a vantage-point private table area; and a generous stretch of beach. With a New Menu, enjoy the traditional recipe of the perfect ceviche, taco, and fresh plates bar. the flavors are one of a kind citrus fruits, like lima, sour orange, or cagel orange, fresh local herbs and condiments.

PPP WINE CELLAR: A great selection of exclusive award-winning wines, imported from small wineries. Each one is a signature piece, with the seal of the winemaker's personality. Most of our wines are natural, biodynamic, and from small productions that only the best restaurants have. Join Papaya's Wine Bar for a journey of spirit and wine.

PPP WELLNESS: Experience the feeling of a beachside yoga retreat, a full day spa by the guidance of their resident shaman, and the healing sessions at the jungle side.

PPP EVENTS: Full-moon celebrations, top DJs, and beyond, make PPP a natural home for today’s global nomad. Papaya Playa Project is a hub for various intercultural and community events in the region such as the Opera Maya, the Riviera Maya Film Festival, and much more. Music has been a key element from the start in our project. We are pleased to share with you a collection of music recordings and playlists by our resident DJs and international guests.

Luxury Key Recommends: Papaya Playa Project hosts a monthly Full Moon Party. which is one of the area’s rituals.

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