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Hartwood | Gourmet fish restaurant

If there’s one restaurant everyone has heard of in Tulum, it’s Hartwood. American chef and owner Eric Werner clocked hours at New York City restaurants Peasant and Vinegar Hill House prior to opening this earthy, wood-fired shrine to the flavors of Mexico with Mya Henry.

It has commanded long lines since its debut in 2010 — for years, the only way to nab one of the shadowy outdoor tables was to line up at 3 p.m. and make a reservation in person for later that night. But the restaurant has opened up its reservations, and now fish fans can secure a table via email — if there’s room, of course. Every night, Hartwood displays a chalkboard that lists the evening’s dishes, most of which involve locally caught seafood, either grilled or prepared as ceviche, plus beef and local vegetables.

By necessity, Hartwood considers sustainability first and foremost in all the work and in every decision at the restaurant. Solar panels, power our lights and music and every other little thing that keeps the restaurant running. They break down its waste with zero carbon footprint, creating 100 percent organic compost that is used in regenerating the mangrove environment and interior farming.

All cooking is done by open fire within a hand made wood-burning oven and grill. Every single ingredient that we touch is deeply rooted within Mundo Maya. They use only sustainable fishing methods to ensure a thriving and healthy aquatic life.

Serving dinner: 18:00 - 22:00 pm. Monday & Tuesday closed

Your Outfit: Bohemian Chic

Luxury Key Recommends: Try the pineapple margarita, always get mezcal tequila! For starters go for the Gambas Mayas with the tangy sauce, then a staple dish is the Betabel. They salt the skin and roast the beet whole which creates a unique texture. The creamy sauce was the perfect accompaniment. For the main course go for the Arrachera Angus, a perfectly cooked steak served with mashed yuca with a crispy exterior.

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