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Healing Elements Ceremonies | Tulum

Tulum is famous for the great native Mayan Techniques to integrate you with the natural elements that grow in this sacred land. The list of cleansing & healingceremonies held in this destination is endless. Let us introduce you to a world of new experiences!

Cocoa ceremony at Azulik: The spirit of the Cacao ceremony is the reconnection with our ancestors and the feel of that initial embrace, that warmth of home and family. The ceremony allows you to connect with those intimate and unforgettable moments, inviting people to share an occasion of fraternity sitting in a circle on the ground looking at each other, recognizing each other as equals, and sharing that sweet elixir of cocoa. In that moment of confidence, in which the cocoa aroma and taste evoke memories of childhood, an opportunity for reconciliation with who you are and have been opens up.

Tea Ceremony at Nomade: Tea ceremonies are an ancient cultural activity that turns the act of brewing into an artful practice of awareness. Long considered an art form in Taiwanese lineage, Gong Fu Cha, or the ceremonial preparation and presentation of tea, acts as a pathway to quiet mindfulness and meditation.  Nomade's instructor's unique style of pouring incorporates yin and yang, the five elements and each of the senses to bring participants into the present moment. All teas used in this ceremony are cultivated from sustainable farms. 

Palo Santo & Hot Oils Ritual Healing at Sanara: Discover the true sensation of freedom and inner peace that connects us through human love. Increase your capacity to give and receive with this deep energetic healing ritual, where you will experience a unique Thermotherapy and Reiki using palo santo and aromatherapy oils to facilitate energetic cleaning. Then you will enjoy a relaxing full body massage to realign your energy and invigorate your body. 

Cocoa Ceremony at Holistika: Celebrate Life through a Cocoa Ceremony at the Sanctuary of Holistika. Nurture your body, mind & spirit as you enter the Temple to take part of a unique experience surrounded by the aromas of Mexican cocoa. 

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