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Fokos, a non organised Beach

If you can be authentic, why be anything else? Fokos consists of one of the locals' favorite beaches havens. Sets in the gloriously under-the-radar northern side of the extravagant Cycladic island, providing privacy away of the wild party scene of Mykonos see and to be seen resorts. The way to reach Fokos is moderate if you own an average car or even better you will enjoy the Off-Road ride to reach the secluded beach with a Jeep. The way to find it though? Pretty Easy! Just head up to Ano Mera and then follow the signs…it might take an average time of 20-25 minutes yet the scenery will reimburse this ‘promenade’. Fokos is the ultimate example of the truest Myconian days, just a little piece of paradise where you will learn to embrace the beauty of the simplicity…Even in the fully packed days of the end of July, this haven will not disappoint you. Here you will relax by laying just in a beach towel while the peach nectar will trickle down your sunkissed salty skin… In this piece of heaven softly placed on this northeastern side of the island, you will taste rustic grandmas tastes with a creative fresh twist. Salads with refreshing fruits and BBQ of the best cuts will be the lunch break that will make you forget how you’ve been eating till now. With the Fokos Tavern’s motto “Escape the masses” couldn’t be more accurate for “returning back to basics! 

Fokos Taverna

Opening Hours: 5 pm 

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