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Be Tulum | Tulum Beach


The Be Tulum Hotel has been created with all the charm and the quiet of nature captured in exclusive suites between the tropical forest, white sand, and the sea. Made with natural materials that blend into the environment with spacious terraces and private pools giving you the freedom and privacy you need.

Comfortable and sophisticated interiors designer furniture space where every glance falls on beauty luminosity and natural detail.

Be Tulum’s Yäan Wellness Spa is a healing sanctuary offering pre-hispanic indigenous treatments, energy healing modalities, herbal bath rituals, body treatments, cleanses, and detox programs, as well as many more, relaxing and enlivening spa rituals designed to cleanse body and spirit.

Luxury Key Recommends: 4 Fuegos Restaurant is a must! 4 Fuegos, integrated as the flame of Maresias Restaurant, is our wood-burning grill, devoted to the barbecue. It encompasses the spirit of the fire element, preserving the ancient techniques of the grill and the slow-cook fire oven. Located on the beach, our open fire kitchen offers sizzling options perfectly marinated with passion and cultural flavors to enjoy day and night.

Dress code: Bohemian Beachwear

*LK Concierge team is at your entire disposal to assist you in organizing your unique beach experience in Tulum. Get in touch with us via e-mail at or via Whatsapp at +30 6989768291

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Kifisias 299
Kifisia, 14561

Tel(+30) 698 829 7589

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